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I am a rape survivor for those who are going to tell me I don’t understand rape.

Rape is horrible, but if it happens to you, you are MORALLY OBLIGATED to report it, especially since we have DNA testing now. Why? Because the average rapist does it to more than one person, and for every person after you, your moral responsibility grows. YES, I HOLD YOU PARTIALLY RESPONSIBLE. Of course the rapist is at fault, but if you had a chance to potentially stop it, and you didn’t, I am ashamed of you.

I was attacked by a stranger who had raped others before me. My rape could have been prevented by a report.


Feminists annoy the living shit out of me. I support women’s rights 100 percent but all I see from feminists is people screaming “men are pigs and scum”. I understand that a woman is not an object and is a person also, hell I have millions of female friends but all I hear from feminists are “men should not be men!”. They complain at media that is specifically aimed for men, they complain that men should not stare at their half naked body out in public and they complain that men get everything. First off you can never change how men act, men will always stare at something sexually its in their nature, asking men not to have a sex drive is like asking to change nature itself it is impossible, and if you don’t believe me its called a sex drive, look it up we all have one.

I never understood why sex is always “the bad guy” to feminists either, yes I know its immature and stupid but they always treat sex as “the worst thing in the world”, shouldn’t you take it as a compliment that someone is appreciating your looks in a good way? Isn’t that what is in women’s nature? To look pretty?

I also can’t stand how feminists have to bash the media now, why do they always complain about ANYTHING that isn’t in their view? A TV show has a sex scene? ITS MALE SHIT AND SHOULD BE BANNED! A game has a character with a large chest? ITS DESIGNED FOR 12 YEAR OLD’S AND OFFENDS MY IMAGE! A news reporter who reports satire news pokes fun at a women even though its a joke? FUCKING SEXIST SCUM I HOPE YOU GET CANCELED! If you don’t like something can’t you just, turn it off or deal with it and ignore it?

I know I sound like I’m lighting a fire here but I will say this again I SUPPORT WOMEN’S RIGHTS! I believe women should get paid the same, I believe that women should have the right to decide what they want to do, I believe women should go to combat in the military if they want to! Hell I think women should also see that men have to do stuff that’s stupid, men have to sign up for the draft, if the government wants to take me out to go to war, they can do that and I sure as hell don’t want to go into war! When men turn 40 years old they have to get fingers shoved up their ass to make sure they don’t have cancer, I sure don’t want anything up my butt! Back in the day women would just care for the children and men had to do all of the hard work, men had to die for their country, sure that’s different now but it still stands!

The world dose not have to be as seen in your view feminists, that’s not how life works. And before someone yells at me and says “THIS IS NOT WHAT FEMINISM IS” let me say its to late, the examples I’ve listed above exist and have been tagged under feminism, why don’t you people call yourselves someone else than if you believe none of the facts I’ve listed above are true? Because millions of people already have bad tastes of feminism in their mouths.

I’m glad I’ve logged out and submitted this, because even if I was logged in and submitted this despite all of my reasoning there will always be someone on tumblr whining. Its no wonder why some other sites can’t stand tumblr, because we’ve left such a shit taste in their mouths.

I agree. I think women should have equal rights. It bums me out when there are feminists who use feminism as an outlet for sexism. it shouldn’t be “up with women and down with men”. it should be “altogether now!” 

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